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Rony Gratereaut 

Zumba Fitness Licensed Instructor

About Me

Ronald "Rony" was born on March 27, 1987 and raised in the residential area of Las Margaritas in San Juan Puerto Rico, the same place where he took his first steps as a dancer.

At the age of 14, he entered in the urban dance company G.O.P. At 17, he started his professional career as a choreographer, dancing with artists such as Niurca Marcus( tv Show), Hector El Father (No Hacen Nah` Video), Vico-C (Tour), Tego Calderon (Gasolina Fest), Daddy Yankee (Cologne Promotion Tour), Javy the Flow Killer (Don Omar Concert 2009), Prynce (Tour), Danny y Lenny(Tour), Valette (Tour), among others.

He studied Biology at Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico and at the age of 18, he traveled to different cities in the U.S. performing his own musical called Illusion.
Alice in Wonderland by Ilusion Clown Kr3w:

At 22 he trained with Smash Crew and performed live on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 and then again on Season 6.
Smash Audition for America's Best Dance Crew Seas…:

At 23 he started coaching a group of teenagers called Xopeutec and Zyphonix. With them he reprensented Puerto Rico in Project Dance (London edition) and Hip Hop International Las Vegas, Nevada.
Xopeutec finalist on varsity Division in Hip Hop I:

At 24, he moved to Orlando, FL where he was exposed to the world of Zumba®. He immediately fell in love with the concept. It wasn't until he met Vanessa Valentin from RhythmX, who inspired him to grow as a Zumba instructor, where he completely turned his vision and objective in his life. From that moment on he wanted to learn more and more and help others achieve their fitness goals. He sought out to achieve his goal by first receiveing his Zumba Basic training and license with ZES Erick Santana. It took him just a couple of months to arrive at the Zumba(R) Convention in Orlando and perform with Jani Roberts in the Zumba(R)Toning Masterclass and Warriors(R) Program, then he received the invitation to perform live on Zumba® Fitness Los Angeles Conferences Theme Party with Zes Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres. This year he worked together with ZJ Alena Groopman and Bianca Ayala to perform at ZCON 2014 «Stomp 2 the Beat». 2015 FEATURED  the new flavor LATIN URBAN with Jhon Gonzalez. And Finally in 2016 was introduce in ZUMBA as a new International Presenter teaching at Convention his own Session PUERTO RICAN FLOW. Rony also will present hi own masterclass at the Zumba Cruise 2017.

Today, Rony teaches at 2 different dance and fitness studios and gyms ranging about 6 classes per week. and JAM Session  all around the World. He has become an International presenter for Zumba Fitness teaching on main Stages around the World such as Zumba Fitness Convention, Zumba Cruises, ZIN Academy, Home Office Connection, Zumba Club Med Vacation, etc.. He has visited countries such as USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, UK, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Hawaii, Egypt, Japan AFAA Conference, South Korea, among others....

"Looking Forward to go to places i never been before and touch people's life in a way that i can help to change it"

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